The Chocolate Factory - Sensational Subs and Ice Cream

So much to sink
your teeth into.

Is there another ice cream shop that’s fixing so many different sandwiches? Another sub restaurant that’s churning out such a variety of ice cream treats? We think not. The Chocolate Factory is a true original, the one place where you can satisfy both sides of your appetite. For the growling stomach our crusty sub rolls and buttery croissants are guaranteed to be served warm from the oven. Then we stack them with premium meats, fresh veggies, Wisconsin cheese and our own special recipe mayonnaise. For the sweet tooth we scoop up ice cream, in a variety of lip-licking flavors and practically countless sundae combinations. Can’t top that! Discover all that the Chocolate Factory has to offer for lunch, dinner and in between. Come in hungry and go away happy!

Chocolate Factory offers subs made with fresh veggies, Wisconsin cheese and icec cream for your sweet tooth.