We’re anything but plain vanilla.

Nothing against vanilla, mind you. It’s always available and the creamiest, smoothest you’ll taste. But our repertoire includes a variety of flavors. Available in cups, cones, sundaes and take-home pints and quarts. For bursts of berries, abundant nuts, ribbons of sweetness and new takes on old favorites, we've got it licked.

  Vanilla   Cookies & Cream   Cookie Dough
  Cotton Candy   Mint Chocolate Chip   Moose Tracks
  Coconut Almond Joy   Cherry Chocolate Chip   Mint Oreo®
  Roasted Pistachio   Butter Pecan   Turtle Sundae
  Espresso   Blue Moon   Chocolate
  Chocolate Factory Special   Rocky Road   Peanut Butter Cup
  Mackinac Island Fudge   Cake Batter Fudge   Strawberry Cheesecake
  Strawberry   Munchies Madness    

Most flavors available, stock may vary.